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Vukovic - The Art of the Attack in Chess In my last OTB tournament game at my local chess club, I was paired against a much stronger player. I was White, playing the Closed Sicilian and had a bit of kingside pressure. I botched the attack and went down in flames. After looking over the game I decided that the next book I'm going to study will be Vukovic's "The Art of the Attack in Chess". It's been sitting on my shelves for ages, unread. Now's… More: chess online
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Chess Tips for beginners. Well, I'm a new chess player. Do you have any suggestions for me, as broad or narrow based as they are? Also, feel free to post for all new players, as this topic is about all beginners. If you post, a thank you in advance! Oh, and please, no flames. This is in Chess Chat for a reason. :) Aside from that, thank you! Don't waste you time castling when you can checkmate the enemy! :) :) Very funny... I like to castle, it… More: backgammon online
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Scotch opening Whats the status of this opening, are there any imaginative ways to undermine it? Is it at all deprecated these days? I'd like to learn about its weaknesses... but perhaps I ought to understand it strengths first? Can you help please? Spurtus. Scotch... why for? I've been reading again what I'v got about the scotch (fery few indeed). When I try to play an opening, is because it brings me something I feel I want to have. (Or at… More: online chess
Chess Games ♡ 149 ( +1 | -1 )
Who hates 1e4, e5? I have a total hatred of symmetrical king pawn openings and have not participated in one for years and hundreds of games. I am not sure if this is because these games don't suit my style as black or white, or if it is because these games remind me of when I was learning to play and loosing almost every game and it brings back the memory of all that sorrow and pain. I would like to know if anyone else feels the same as me on… More: backgammon online
Chess Live ♡ 188 ( +1 | -1 )
chess movies or novels Hello all, has anyone seen or read anything with chess as the theme? My DVD collection includes: Luzhin Defense Searching for Bobby Fischer Knight Moves any others you've seen or heard about? I recently read... "The Queen's Gambit" by Walter Tevis - Highly Recommendable! Hmmnnn... I seem to recall there was a series in the UK (70' or 80's) regarding Chess, but I can't remember the name of it offhand. chess books and movies… More: chess history
Chess Against Computer ♡ 227 ( +1 | -1 )
Knights vs Bishops Can anyone explain why many masters count a bishop as more important than a knight? I can understand that having a pair of bishops in good positions at the mid/end game can be very powerful. However, usually a decent player can take at least one from you. Also it seems to me that the 'hard to block' movement of the knight makes him more useful in causing discomfortto, and upsetting the plans of an opponent. Any thoughts? I… More: chess vs computer
Internet Chess Club ♡ 266 ( +1 | -1 )
Chess Library - a second thread Recently, apastpawn started a thread with a very specific question about what books influenced one. I posted in that thread, but it got me thinking about my chess library in general. I've been a compulsive book, record and CD collector for many years and chess books are one area where I'm hopelessly out of control. For someone who is as chessically challenged as I am, the number of books I have on my shelves is play chess online…
Chess Tactics ♡ 305 ( +1 | -1 )
Good Opening book? Is there any one book that you would say is the best book for advanced openings? No, every book on the openings is outdated as soon as it is printed. An old (and outdated) book from which I have derived much pleasure is Suetin's Lehrbuch der Schachtheorie (1975). I consider this the best single-volume book for "advanced" openings, though I can't recommend it to anyone, in view of its antiquity. Another good work is the play chess online…
Chess Multiplayer ♡ 344 ( +1 | -1 )
Playing chess with the Death Is anyone familiar with the, as I believe, widely spread folk tale about the possibility to play chess with the Death after you die? If you win, you can go back to life. As far as I know, nobody ever made it, so we can assume the we now who the best player of all times is :) Ingmar Bergman - chess with death In the famous movie "Sjunde Inseglet" "The Seventh Seal" by Ingmar Bergman 1957, there is a wellknown scene, play chess online…
Chess Free ♡ 383 ( +1 | -1 )
would be nice to have arbiters in GK since Mike has too much work to do anyway. I know everyone has a right to decline draws and play on,but sometimes it is very annoying. board #1243466 mmmmmm I would play on just to piss you off if *you* spoke to *me* like that . I'm with happinessisawarmgun on this one mate. I don't know what preceded the comments, but that was rather condescending. I don't think I would have advertised that one. (I'm not play chess online…
Online Chess ♡ 422 ( +1 | -1 )
French alternatives Has somebody some suggestion for alternatives for White to main French lines (1. e4 e6)? How about 2. b3 or 2. Qe2 (or even Alapin's 1.e4 e6 2.d4 d5 3.Be3?!) ?... 1. e4,e6 2. d3, followed by Nd2 and N1f3 becomes a Kings's Indian attack. This opening can be used against various black systems. I think it's a very solid system, and it can be very dangerous for black. Of course there are many other alternatives, but imo not so play chess online…
Chess Online Vs Computer ♡ 461 ( +1 | -1 )
Beating an Ameture I play my friend from time to time, and he always opens up with d4, or if I go to e4 he goes to d5. Today we played two games in both I moved to e4 and he countered with d5. I don't know how to respond to that. I usually push my pawn forward. He doesn't have a perticular opening so the move that follows is often random. I know that or well I think that countering with d5 is not a good move but I can't think of any perticular play chess online…
How To Play Chess ♡ 500 ( +1 | -1 )
The Games of Robert J. Fischer, Prodigy, GM & WC This thread started for display and discussion of Bobby Fischer's Chess games. The famous Bxh2 game I'm happy to get the ball rolling with an oldie but a goodie: in Fischer's first WC game against Spassky, he plays 29...Bxh2 which, after Spassky's commonsense 30 g3, drops a bishop for two pawns. He goes on to lose, though most commentators suggest he could have held the draw, but then again we all play chess online…
Play Chess Against Computer ♡ 539 ( +1 | -1 )
Q vs 8xP me and a friend occasionally play this position, and we've always found the queen wins... anyone reckon the pawns should win...? and would anybody up for a forum game from this position...? i don't mind what side i take, i'll let the challenger call... pawns start... While I'd like to think the pawns could win, I think it's just too easy for the queen to break in (really can't prevent that from happening in just a few moves). And play chess online…