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andy94 ♡ 81 ( +1 | -1 )
Chess opening. 1.e4 is the most used opening, and I played lots and lots of time. But if White moves 1.e4 that's gonna be an open game, while I don't like it. I played it because that move "free" Queen and Bishop, "reach" the center before 1.e3, and above all because my Idol Bobby Fischer said "Best by Test" reported to 1.e4. But like every curious chess player I tried to use different opening too, so I tried 1.d4 and that was a good one for me, too. Until day in which I read a message here in this forum, (wrote by a great Gameknot user) that said about: -1.c4 was my favourite some times ago.
I started to use English opening and I won about 90% of games played.
But, in theory, what are English opening's pros? And what opening do you play more? Thanks for reading and, please, comment.
dysfl ♡ 65 ( +1 | -1 )
Just enjoy it for now andy94,

I'm another beginner. I don't think the choice for first move would make that much difference, at least at your level or mine.

I have never played other than 1. d4 for a while, but even I play 1. h4, my winning rate would not change more than 5% to either way. I have played many other players in GK, with a little higher than my level, and some play pretty lame opening moves, but beats me down to the ground in the middle game.

If you have 90% success with English, that’s great. Maybe it suits you for now. If it happens to me, I would enjoy it while it lasts.

tugger ♡ 139 ( +1 | -1 )
As White, I always open with 1. e4, I'm pretty confident that all replies will give White a statistical advantage (refer to the database).

As Black, I tend to variate a little. I usually reply to 1. e4 with 1... c5 (Sicilian), but am comfortable with 1... Nf6 (Alekhine). Sicilian, statistically speaking, is Black's strongest defence, but most players are familiar with this opening, so sometimes I think it's best to play a defence that white is less comfortable with.

As for 1. d4, I do not play this myself. I religiously defend as Black with 1... f5 (Dutch), and take the Leningrad line (g6 followed by Bg7, and castling behind). I have a win rate of better than 50%, I suspect this is because the majority of players at my level are not prepared for the kingside attack that comes with this defence.

I have never played 1. c4, though I have had it played against me a few times. The database suggests 1... c5 is best reply, but I always take the opportunity to play Dutch in this event, since as Black I am very comfortable with this.

If opening theory is something you wish to learn more about, then first stop should be the database here at GK. Before I started playing here, my opening knowledge was very limited. No sooner had I started to study, my rating soared by 200 points to 1600 over a couple of months. It's a very useful tool.
ccmcacollister ♡ 16 ( +1 | -1 )
English = FLEXIBILITY ~!

You might want to check into IM John Watson and CCM Stephen Gerzadowicz for some interesting English and closed opening ideas. 1.c4 and 1.g3 type